Programs and Services

Acquisition Programs

A comprehensive assessment will assist in the development and implementation of an individualized skill acquisition program targeting the following areas: behavioral, expressive and receptive communication, social reciprocity, cognitive, visual-motor imitation, fine motor, feeding, gross motor, etc.. Teaching methods include: discrete trials, imbedded trials, pivotal response training, functional routines, task analysis, shaping, etc..

Therapy location may be provided to best meet your needs: office, home, school, public place, etc..

Pragmatic and Social Skill Groups

Groups are offered to generalize new skills, improve social skills, develop friendships, increase play and leisure skills, improve communication and language and infuse turn-taking skills. Foundations Therapy ensures the effectiveness of these groups by organizing the groups of children according to their strengths, challenges and therapist to child ratio.

Therapy Links

Therapy Links is an intensive therapeutic day program that is based on the principles of ABA. This drop-off program is designed for children 1.5 to 3 years of age. Individual schedules, visual aides and functional communication systems are utilized as supports. The staff includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed teachers and therapists with a strong background in ABA methodology. Class contains 4-5 children with 2 therapists.

Children complete activities in a variety of centers including

  • Circle Time
  • Play & Games
  • Independent Work System
  • Gross Motor
  • Meal Times
  • Sensory & Art
  • Self-Help
  • Toileting Routines

Core goals include

  • Communication Skills
  • Peer Development
  • Independent Functioning
  • School Readiness
  • School Play
  • Transitioning

Parent Advocacy

  • School observations
  • Attending and supporting families at IEP meetings and informal teacher conferences